Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where Would You Like To Go Today?

Part I of a possible series

Where Do You Want To Go Today?
Viewers were asked to talk to sit with the camera and imagine or state where they'd like to go. Some viewers chose to be silent and act out where they'd like to go. Others provided monologues. The installation consisted of instructions on the door, a camera in the middle of the room, and the green screen. Nothing further has been done with the footage, and may just serve as a one time or repeated installation as a sense of false reality.

I Just Wanted You To Be Proud of Me

I Just Wanted You To Be Proud of Me

22 Empty Budweiser bottles on a hand-made shelf with brass plaque

There Once Was a Little Girl

There Once Was a Little Girl

Welded Girl face shape hung by rope made of string, hanging in the lobby. Go ahead, try and mess with this.

I've Never Been Fired From a Job Before

I've Never Been Fired From a Job Before
Tiny pieces of torn server pad pages. Mindless tasks.

Planned Parenthood (Working Title)

Response to Planned Parenthood no longer being funded in Oklahoma. Wrapped egg hung with a red string.

Red Paint Piece II

This is Not Trash or Red Paint Piece II
This is Not For Stepping On or Red Paint Piece II

Placed dried red paint puddle on the floor of the lobby along with its can on the opposite side of the lobby. This piece has been tampered with, the can has been stolen and the paint has been stepped on. Reminding me again that people have no respect for art or not a high enough intellect to realize that certain objects are there for a reason. Minimalist and conceptual art exists, not just paintings on wall.

Red Paint

I poured a can of red paint in an installation room and allowed viewers to come inside.

Homage to Martin Creed or Entire Can of Super 77 in a Glass Box

I sprayed an entire can of Super 77 into a glass box.

Our Love Will Never Die

These images are taken from (my first) a performance where I pour water onto a bouquet of fake roses in a kitchen. I continuously look at my watch as though I am waiting for someone or something and say, "Our Love Will Never Die" with each pour. Gradually I grow upset and eventually throw the cup of water on the ground.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maggie Casey

Currently, I am helping Maggie Casey install in City Arts Center in OKC. I was recommended by my professor because he said we have similar work. So far, it's pretty exciting and interesting.

"The Space Between" or "4 String Paintings and Two Walls"

"Did This Really Happen?" Part 2

I put a plexi-glass wall over the installation room in which the aforementioned Part 1 was hanging.

Keywords: Joke, Glass Box Theory

"Did This Really Happen?" Part 1

Recently, I hung this frame piece of paper in an installation room as Part 1, although either piece could work independently of each other.

I think I forgot to mention...

My artwork got destroyed. By some crazy person. And recently My (most recent) piece in this same space also got tampered with. I sent emails to school faculty and director requesting that respect be an issue brought up in classes or a school-wide email.
Response from director: I understand your anger and will make it a personal issue of mine to make sure no more of your work or anyone else's gets tampered with.

It's all very unfortunate. And this makes the 4th project that was tampered with ... this school year.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I may or may not have lost my "zing" for sculpture.
All I want to do is read "Relationship Aesthetics"
and anything by Martin Creed
and focus on Conceptual Art.

Have I converted to the dark side?

Look forward to documentation of, "Did That Really Happen?" soon.
Also, the Girl with the Curl will make another return. Watch out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Food AND Art!

This is awesome

So here's what I'm thinking...

Independent Study/Contemporary Sculpture:
Explore techniques/uses/experiments with thread, stiffeners, and other media
Rigidity vs Delicacy
2D vs 3D
Chaos vs Order

Advanced Media Techniques:
Glass Boxes
Future/Speed/Homage/Proximity (as per assignment)
Martin Creed
Tracy Emin
Vulnerable Public Art
Outdoor Performance

Advanced Serigraphy

New Techniques
Paper dying
Big, big, BIG
Mixed Media

General Interests:
Liberty of London
Kris Atomic
Boots/Boot Design
Cowboy Culture
"Southern" and "Country"