Thursday, November 4, 2010

And a zine.

I love using the laser cutter.
And this is my philosophy.

"Contemporary Girl's Contemporary Wedding Dress"
Wearable Art Show Fall 2010

So that was some sculpture. Here's some bookmaking.
"Islands in the Stream of Consciousness"
Flagbook from matboard and spray paint.

And then that sculpture was moved. This is my response to that.
Cut Computer paper on floor.

Recently, the previous piece was moved before proper documentation. This is my response.

Finished piece.
Here, I focused on tension and the mix between 2-d and 3-d art.
Canvas, Thread

From these globes, here are a few attempts at resolution.
Incomplete Projects.

Starting Point

I made these globe-like things starting in Spring 2010 for something that ended up being a wearable art project. These have been the inspiration and interest of the majority of my work in sculpture this year. There is something about the shape and delicacy that I can't seem to shake. There is a nice mix of feminity, rigidity and delicacy as well as a mix between organic and geometric. All of these mixes lend themselves to create more formal sculpture, which I have also been more interested. For me, creating formal works of art allows the artist to just focus on the piece and what it is doing with the eye, rather than with the mind. It can create an aesthetic escape in a sense. Further on in the blog, you will see my attempts at resolving issues created with the want to use this same process as well as furthering these same formal ideas.

First Post

As a first post, I feel I should introduce myself a little bit. My name is Cayla Lewis and I am a Senior at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Printmaking with a second concentration in Contemporary Sculpture. Lately, I have also found myself very interested in performance art and installation as well.