Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maggie Casey

Currently, I am helping Maggie Casey install in City Arts Center in OKC. I was recommended by my professor because he said we have similar work. So far, it's pretty exciting and interesting.

"The Space Between" or "4 String Paintings and Two Walls"

"Did This Really Happen?" Part 2

I put a plexi-glass wall over the installation room in which the aforementioned Part 1 was hanging.

Keywords: Joke, Glass Box Theory

"Did This Really Happen?" Part 1

Recently, I hung this frame piece of paper in an installation room as Part 1, although either piece could work independently of each other.

I think I forgot to mention...

My artwork got destroyed. By some crazy person. And recently My (most recent) piece in this same space also got tampered with. I sent emails to school faculty and director requesting that respect be an issue brought up in classes or a school-wide email.
Response from director: I understand your anger and will make it a personal issue of mine to make sure no more of your work or anyone else's gets tampered with.

It's all very unfortunate. And this makes the 4th project that was tampered with ... this school year.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I may or may not have lost my "zing" for sculpture.
All I want to do is read "Relationship Aesthetics"
and anything by Martin Creed
and focus on Conceptual Art.

Have I converted to the dark side?

Look forward to documentation of, "Did That Really Happen?" soon.
Also, the Girl with the Curl will make another return. Watch out.